Servicing the industry since 1979, Millside was started by D Mark Antrobus. A man who loves his job, Mark decided at the age of 7 that he wanted to be a plumbing and heating engineer. His uncle was a plumber and Mark used to watch him climb under floors and into roof spaces: “What a brilliant job!” thought the young 7 year old (though he might now confess that clambering under roof spaces doesn’t quite hold the attraction that it used to). By the age of 16 Mark was working for his uncle as an apprentice, and travelled the 28 miles to work each way by bike and train until he was old enough to drive.

Mark worked on a short term contract for a consultant engineering company, and had two years with a local authority, where he was in charge of 6 plumbers, a “baptism of fire”, where he quickly learned the art of delegation and man management. A year in Weymouth, thanks to a certain Mr. Tebbit, who told us all to “get on our bikes.” followed, but Mark’s love of the North brought him back to Yorkshire, where he took a Senior Supervisor’s position for Huddersfield YMCA, where his task was to help re-introduce young unemployed adults back into a working environment, leading to full-time employment. This Mark enjoyed, and laid the foundations and attitude for the apprentice-based training programmes that Millside support.

mark_bpecAfter being employed by one plumber for six years, Mark left but couldn’t find a company he wanted to work for. Thus, Millside Heating Services, began with Mark’s vision of serving the industry with the keenest eye on future development.

Mark and the team at Millside remain dedicated to staying one step ahead of the industry. He was fitting underfloor heating over 25 years ago and condensing boilers 20 years ago, and is already up to date with solar and micro-generation/renewable heating systems. He is currently involved in taking the company through a worthwhile transitional period to embrace and equip themselves for the future of the industry. Over the past 2 years, Millside’s engineers have gone through rigorous training with all aspects of future technologies. Millside have recently received certification from RECC and MCS accreditation to be able to carry out Biomass, Solar thermal, ground and air source heat pump installations, so that you, the homeowner, may benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and feed-in-tariffs.

Mark is a member of the board of Directors within the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) and has a prominent role in the regional APHC group, and is a past President of the Huddersfield Master Plumbers’ Group (HMP), and currently a member of the Oldham & District Master Plumbers’ Group. He comments: “I’ve always championed the idea that the plumbing and heating industry should be regulated in the same way as the gas industry, so I am glad new regulations are coming in (WaterSafe). It’s important that we’re raising the professionalism of the industry.” Mark is currently involved with the Employer Group, one of 10 employers nationwide, setting the new Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standard, being prepared for Apprenticeships from 2017 onwards, on behalf of Summit Skills. Mark is also an active member of Holmfirth Rotary Club, part of the Rotary Club of Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI), which continually raises funds for local and international charitable causes.

Mark is also on the Board of Directors at BPEC and is a trustee of the BPEC Charity, and is proud to be on the Awarding Body presenting the Annual BPEC Life Awards.

Here he is on the left, part of the Team presenting the BPEC Life Awards for 2015.

Millside are proud and happy to support development works at the Bansang Hospital Appeal in the Gambia, our chosen charity. See more about this on our News page.

Our Credentials

Reg No C4280
Reg No 16167
Gas Safe Register
Huddersfield Master Plumbers
MCS Approved
Member of the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors
G-ONE Accredited Installer