Bansang Hospital Appeal

The Bansang Hospital Appeal Story (Anita Smith MBE/Northampton University)

Millside are proud and happy to support development works at the Bansang Hospital Appeal in the Gambia, our chosen charity.

The Bansang Hospital Appeal is an award winning charity dedicated to improving healthcare delivery in a remote region of The Gambia. Since 1992, its founder (Anita Smith, MBE MRG) has dedicated her life to reversing its once terminal decline.

Thanks to Anita’s efforts and public support, Bansang Hospital today is vibrant, cohesive and incredibly effective. It has near 100% staff retention – an unparalleled accomplishment in Sub-Saharan Africa, and an unthinkable one when considering the horrors that Anita first viewed in 1992. The BHA’s intervention has ensured that thousands of communities across the entire region have been saved from the destructive trauma of losing loved ones to preventable causes. Public support means 600,000 of the most vulnerable and caring people are now able to plan their futures with ever greater certainty.

Anita and the staff of Bansang Hospital want to continue building a brighter and more assured future for all those that depend on this incredibly important healthcare resource. Their development model, which focuses wholly on retaining and motivating staff, has already given unprecedented successes & garnered numerous awards (including an MBE from Her Majesty The Queen given to Anita in 2008 for services to healthcare).

With everyone’s support, Anita and the hospital’s staff can build on the solid foundations that have been laid down since 1992. With continued dedication, focus and funding, Bansang Hospital can become that most elusive thing; an affordable healthcare resource capable of delivering sustainable and effective healthcare to the chronically poor. This realistic and achievable aspiration will also serve as a blueprint for other African countries that are suffering so terribly with the social destruction that comes from having ineffective health facilities.

So if you believe every mother and child has the right to life, regardless of economic status or geographic location, please join the campaign.

You can find out more about the Bansang Hospital Appeal Here.