Energy Inefficient Homes To Be Outlawed For Landlords

An upcoming change in the law is set to have a direct impact on landlords who will be prevented from letting out a property that fails to demonstrate a minimum energy efficient rating of ‘E’.

Due to be enforced by April 2018, it will require landlords to upgrade their properties with the latest energy efficient measures to help tenants save up to £800 annually on heating bills.

The move was labelled the ‘most significant legislation in a generation’ by the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC).

The Government’s Parliamentary Under Secretary for Energy, Amber Rudd, said at the time of the announcement:

“One million homes are already warmer and cheaper to heat as a result of government policies, but we’re not stopping there.

“These new regulations will drive bills down in some of the worst-insulated homes where up to 1 million tenants are paying too much to keep warm. It’s also good news for landlords, who can benefit from improved properties with the financial support of the Green Deal and other schemes, and a real boost to the industry.”

Landlords will be able to obtain financial support via the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation which they are advised to do as soon as possible as tenants will be legally entitled to request energy efficiency improvements provisionally from April 2016.

Acting chief executive of the UKGBC John Alker added:

“Some will undoubtedly cry ‘red tape’, but good landlords and forward-thinking property companies have nothing to fear. This could provide the impetus needed to upgrade our worst-performing, most energy-hungry rented properties and help to kick-start a multi-million pound market in energy efficiency products and services in the UK.”

Source: Easy Green Deal.