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Millside Heating Services is not simply an installation firm. The company employs qualified engineers that are passionate about heating and hot water and lead the way with energy efficient products and systems. Many years ago Millside was among the first to champion condensing boilers and in more recent times we began to fit solar panels before anyone believed the UK climate was suitable. Millside is now into all renewable energy sources and current projects include PV solar, hydroelectric, and wind turbines.

To design a truly energy efficient system you must ensure that the best equipment is used in the correct way. Millside has led the way with efficient controls such as weather compensation and Opentherm control. The new Energy Using Products guidelines are stating what Millside has been saying for a long time: System control is as important as unit selection. A well controlled noncondensing appliance can use less energy than a poorly controlled condensing boiler. We ensure that condensing appliances operate at maximum efficiency at all times and without sacrificing user comfort. 

Millside Heating Services carries out all aspects of the work from the initial feasibility study to the design, installation and maintenance. Employing engineers of this caliber allows us to offer more services to our customers. Along with being the commissioning and breakdown agent for eight manufacturers of boilers and water heaters, we carry our consultancy advising for a number of them. We work with them on new product design, market research, test site monitoring and failure investigation as well as advising them on UK building Regulations and EN/BS standards. 

With the roll out of Millside’s internet sales channels we are giving our customers access to our engineers expertise. Purchasing appliances from our Millside Direct website does not just give you a box with an appliance in it. It gives you access to our technical engineers willing to assist you with any queiries that you may have. When you are ready to purchase if you require advice on system design, model selection, or just what ancillaries are required please give us a call. Contact us also before or during installation for advice on pipework sizing, temperature setpoints or pump sizing. We are also available to assist and advise on servicing or breakdown problems.

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