Commercial Services

Millside have engineers that are qualified for gas, oil, solar, heat pumps, air conditioning and commercial catering and employ a team of fully qualified plumbers. We provide services up to 150mm (6 inch) or an installation volume of 1m³, including large scale boilers equal to or less than 70kW, gas & oil fired large warm-air, and gas & oil fired wet systems. We fit systems and components by Archie Kidd, Keston, Atmos, Grant, Halstead, Hartley & Sugden, Hamworthy, ICS, A.O. Smith, Johnson & Starley, Rinnai, Kroll, Combat, Roberts Gordon, Powermatic, Strebel, Broag and Beeston.


Fitting the most up-to-date in heating technology and always offering you greater value for money, Millside do not claim to be raging environmentallists but we firmly believe in the preservation of the environment and totally endorse and support the use of new energy sources, such as commercial solar, and large commercial heat pumps.

We believe and tell everyone that they will get far better return on their investment by spending money on the controlling of heating systems and we install our systems with this benefit in mind. An average boiler well-managed can be as energy efficient as a new condensing unit if controlled correctly; just as a condensing boiler not controlled will be as inefficient as an old boiler.

All our boiler systems are bespoke, modular packages, to meet any possible heating demand. All fully controllable through weather compensation and all known BMS and energy management systems currently available. Millside are able to offer you this service through our in-house technical design team.

Gas Boiler Systems

Millside have championed the idea of fitting gas condensing systems and have been doing this for the last 18 years. Now they are the norm, and used as a benchmark of the heating industry. We are currently looking forward to being able to get involved in CHP (Combined Heat & Power) Systems, and expect this to be the same in future as systems strive to become more and more cost efficient.

Our philosophy: We won’t just fit a boiler and replace – we will design packages that can adapt your system in a cost effective way in order to gain the full benefit of having a high efficiency heating system. All our heating systems will and can work with BMS and all known energy management systems.

Oil Boiler Systems

Millside have been fitting condensing oil boilers for many years. Again we look to design your system to get the optimum and cost effective return for your money, which results in less fuel, more heat, and greater comfort levels.

Commercial Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

We are currently working on a National Programme for a well-known client to upgrade all hot water systems from a storage solution to instantaneous systems, through a cascade design of multiple condensing instantaneous hot water heaters. We are currently using various models from the Rinnai HDC1200i, HDC1500i and HDC 1600i series. The HDC1600i is also a low-NOX unit which is future-proofed for the new incoming legislation with regards to emissions. The removal of a direct fired storage solution reduces the risk of legionella outbreak, and makes the day-to-day testing far less onerous. All of the units that we’re currently installing all enjoy the ability to use a cascade-flues system which we can design in-house, and can be adapted as a bespoke system for your premises.

Full Commissioning Service

We offer a full commissioning/performance testing service for installers who don’t wish to go down the route of expenditure in test equipment, and for large M & E contractors.

Boiler Performance testing

We offer bolier performance testing for small contractors and the home owner/appliance owner, for newly installed appliances. Every boiler that we service and repair we also performance test.

Full Service & Repair

By Service and repair we mean servicing, repair and performance testing. We offer full performance history (where manufacturers and appliance software facilitates this). We currently have a track record of 95% first visit repair. All our customers enjoy a full service history from our database which records serial number right through to the last visit. This has proved to be very useful in the event of a manufacturer’s warranty dispute.

Genuine 23 hour Callout Service™ with Bespoke Commercial Maintenance Plans

Millside operate a 23 hour callout service 7 days a week, backed up with bespoke maintenance contracts to meet your needs with regards to care of plant and M & E. This giving you reassurance when considering your legal obligations with respect to due diligence.


Millside have strong opinions about training, in that it is the only only way forward for the industry: to have properly trained apprentices serving proper skilled apprenticeships. 30 years of working in the industry – an industry we are passionate about, has shown that we never stop learning. Off – and On-the-job training programmes through proper apprenticeships are the lifeblood and the future of our industry. Short “5 day” courses do not produce good plumbing and heating engineers.

Our Credentials

Reg No C4280
Reg No 16167
Gas Safe Register
Huddersfield Master Plumbers
MCS Approved
Member of the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors
G-ONE Accredited Installer