Save up to 30 percent off your fuel costs this winter

As the winter months descend, and we crank up our heating systems, the ubiquitous issue of never ending increasing fuel tariffs raises its ugly head once again. According to a recent survey, 32 per cent of energy customers in the UK are adamant that gas and electricity tariffs are unaffordable. Unfortunately, prices are set to rise further, and with over 60 per cent of household energy bills based on heating costs consumers need to act now to save money this winter!

How can we do this cost effectively without shelling out hundreds and hundreds of pounds on cavity wall and loft insulation or solar panels? A simple solution is to change our heating habits. Instead of heating the whole house when really only a couple of rooms are being used at any one time, ensure the radiators are turned off in the rooms not in use.

Some thrifty and even environmentally conscious consumers will already change their thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) depending on their particular requirements, but most will leave them set at a high of 5 (29 degrees). But managing the temperature in this way inevitably leads to inefficiencies, as not all the rooms in a home are used all the time.

Herein lies a simple solution, the Terrier i-temp a Programmable Radiator Control (PRC). Costing about £25 this devise simply replaces the common TRV found on most radiators and gives the homeowner control over the time and temperature of each individual radiator. This means that even though a heating system is ‘on’, radiators can now been automatically and individually turned off, when not required, ensuring less energy is used.

For example, a typical family will heat their whole house, during the morning, although may only require heat in the bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen, the heat emitting from the radiators in other rooms is then wasted. The Terrier i-temp PRC will allow for each individual radiator to be set at a specific temperature and time therefore keeping in tune with the residents own routine and reducing the energy used and ultimately heating bills.

In fact, the Energy Savings Trust has recognised the big energy savings the Terrier i -temp can make leading it to be the first PRC of its kind to be included in the organisation’s list of recommended products.

Innovative products can sometimes be daunting for users however being user friendly has been key for the development of the Terrier i-temp that is why programming has been simplified in a walkthrough process. Using an easy to view LCD screen it offers pre programmes for bedroom and sitting room or a customisation program. Either way the PRC can be installed or programmed within minutes.

“This is a very cost effective product ideally suited to a home or even office environment,” commented Sindar Singh product market manager Pegler Yorkshire, the Yorkshire based company behind the product. “Significant investment combined with over 100 years of heating experience has been used to develop this innovative PRC to address important issues such as heat wastage, reducing carbon emissions and most importantly saving money.”

Terrier i-temp requires no complicated installation, and fits easily to most popular TRVs. Compared to other energy saving installation methods, Terrier i-temp will save time and money and its performance payback could be realised within just eight months.

Source: Easier Finance

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