World Plumbing Day 2016

World Plumbing Day 2016

March 11, Every year, everywhere!

wpd-logo_lowresThe World Plumbing Council’s Mission statement says it all – “To promote the role of plumbing in improving public health and safeguarding the environment, by uniting the World Plumbing Industry for the benefit of All.

It is now widely recognised that plumbing has made a significant contribution to the well being of human society, and has done for many generations, providing fresh water, effective sanitation and yes, at the same time safeguarding the environment.

There is no doubt that the widespread establishment of sanitation systems and indoor plumbing was the most significant development over the past 150 years or so, as a result the average lifespan of mankind across many regions of the World virtually doubled. Deadly diseases such as typhoid and cholera rapidly declined as a healthier, more comfortable living environment was created.

However, if we as a human society needed to be reminded of the link between plumbing and public health we only need to consider the so-called SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) epidemic in 2003. At the time, the World Health Organisation (WHO) concluded that inadequate plumbing may have contributed to the spread of SARS.

Perhaps an even a more dramatic and tragic reminder of this link between plumbing and health is to be seen in those parts of the world that do not yet have ready access to fresh water and sanitation and the millions who continue to die each year, particularly children, from diarrheal diseases, cholera and typhoid.

The World Plumbing Council invites every body either directly involved or just associated with the industry to join in World Plumbing Day activities, and spread the word in their local communities and through their industry organizations.

There are lots of activities that individuals and member organizations can do on World Plumbing Day, such as:

· Presentations at schools on water and plumbing, to assist a power point demonstration can be downloaded at

· Organise your local school to participate in the International Poster Competition with a US$1000 prize to be awarded for the best poster from a primary/elementary school, Cub Scout Group or other community organizations with a focus on children in grades 1- 5 or aged under 10 years.

· Participate in the twitter challenge @WPlumbingDay

· Industry days. trade shows, breakfasts and BBQs

· Letters to the editor of local papers, articles in trade magazines and industry journals.

· Motions of support in state & national Parliaments.

For further ideas go to

Source: World Plumbing Day newsletter